Adult Colouring Book published: 5 Ways to Colour Yourself Happier


I don't like to have favourites. I love each one of my colouring books, but my new book, 5 Ways to Colour Yourself Happier, is very special to me.

Having lived with the rollercoaster ride of stress and  anxiety for many years, I've taken the techniques which helped me and turned them into colouring pages.

My highest hope for this book is that it will help, in some small way, to bring a light into the darkness for people dealing with this illness.

Book description:

A supportive colouring book to help ease worry and stress. 
Drawing on her own experiences of living with stress and anxiety, the artist offers positive statements as colouring pages, based on techniques which she found helpful. 
There are five sections, with five colouring pages in each. 
• Positive affirmations 
• Practicing gratitude 
• Getting active 
• Looking after yourself 
• Mandalas for relaxation 
There is also a bonus ‘My Path to Happiness’ action sheet to colour, which you create from action points found at the start of each section. 
By making small changes over time, you can turn the negative in positive and become happier. 

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Adult colouring book published: Drawn to Fabulous Flowers

Cover flowers SM

I'm delighted to bring you my new greyscale colouring book, Drawn to Fabulous Flowers.

Living in the South West of the UK, I'm lucky be surrounded by gorgeous countryside, large old estates and plenty of pretty gardens. I have hundreds of photographs of flowers and wanted to share them through my colouring book.

Here is the description: With 30 delightful greyscale images of English country garden flowers from the spring and summer, this book is perfect for flower lovers everywhere. The images have been digitally rendered into soft halftones from my photographs.

As with all my colouring books, the pages are single sided so you can cut out and keep your colouring. The book also includes small test images and scribble pages at the back.

Colourists click here for the original photos for your colouring reference.

My next hand-drawn book, Drawn to the Enchanted Garden, will be an adventure with magical creatures. 

 Here's quick flip through of the pages:

Drawn to Fabulous Flowers is available to buy through Amazon:

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Local fairs: On the road with my colouring books

RCYC fair 1    RCYC fair 2

It's always nice to hear that people like my designs, but the big test was when I recently took my two published colouring books to some local fairs.

The fairs were both in my hometown of Plymouth in the UK, and one was a wellbeing fair and the other was for crafts. The above photos were from the craft fair, in a beautiful location, right at the edge of the ocean.

It was lovely to chat to people about colouring and receive positive comments about my designs. 

I'll be doing a few more fairs in my local area before Christmas and my next book, Drawn to Fabulous Flowers, will be out by then too.


Adult Colouring Book published: Drawn to Divine Dartmoor Landscapes


I'm very lucky to have a national park not too far from my doorstep and love walking and taking photographs of it.

After my first hand-inked colouring book, Drawn to the Ocean, my second one had to be of Dartmoor, using my photos to create a beautiful greyscale book for you to colour.

Here is the book information: With 30 stunning greyscale images you can explore the wilderness of Dartmoor National Park, in the county of Devon, England. This intriguing landscape has ancient ruins, dramatic tors and and an abundance of wildlife. The images have been digitally rendered from my photographs.

Each image in Drawn to Divine Dartmoor Landscapes is single sided so you can cut out and keep your colouring. 
The image below is of Cadover Bridge, which I coloured and then snapped in situ! I have fond memories of this area as there are many places to swim both up and down river from the bridge. My mother would often take me and my two siblings here to swim and play when we were kids and it's a lovely spot when the sun is out.
Cadover bridge 
My next book with be hand inked and on a flower theme.

Tweet your colourings of my pages to @GAdamsPlym and I'll share the best ones.

Drawn to the Divine Dartmoor Landscapes:

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Here is a quick page flip through via youtube: 


Agatha Christie: a visit to her South Devon holiday home

Greenway 1   Greenway 1a

As a lover and writer of crime fiction, Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors and she also loved south Devon, in the south west of England. 

I'm lucky to live a couple of hours away from her holiday home, Greenway, which is currently managed by the National Trust. The house is set in the 1950s, when Agatha and her family would spend summers and Christmases here with friends. Click here for more info.

After a short boat ride from Dittisham to the quay at Greenway, I had a lovely wander around the gardens, the boathouse made famous by Poirot, and the house itself.

While Christie didn't write here, she did edit her manuscripts and her husband Max wrote about his archaeological finds. The house is full of beautiful things and collections of her family.

Enjoy the photos!

Greenway 3

Sunken pond in the gardens

Greenway 4

The boathouse: scene of the crime in Poirot's Dead Man's Folly

Greenway 5

The drawing room

Greenway 6

Some of the china collection on display - Agatha Christie (and me) loved the tradition of afternoon tea!

Greenway 7

Where Christie's husband Max wrote, in what is known as the fax room

Greenway 8

Her first editions behind glass

Greenway 9

The dining room

Greenway 10

A fountain in the fernery

Greenway 11 

The peach house in the north walled garden

Greenway 12

Entrance to the south walled garden

Greenway 13

The little wooden ferry, coming from Dittisham to the quay at Greenway

Greenway 2

A map of the house and grounds

  Greenway 14

And not forgetting the traditional cream tea...


Puzzle: Can you #findtheicecream among the shells?

I enjoyed the #findthepanda puzzle and all the variations that came after it, such as storm trroopers and snowmen.
When I was looking at ideas for my adult colouring book, Drawn to the Ocean, it was an obvious choice to include a similar puzzle. 
However, pandas weren't related to my sea-themed designs, so it became #findtheicecream among the sea shells. I hope people enjoy the puzzle and colouring it.
Is this the most difficult puzzle yet? Well, I tried it out on a few people and they all found it eventually but it wasn't quick. I'll let you answer that question!

Drawn cover and view small

Drawn to the Ocean:

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Click here for a quick page flip through on youtube.



Good reviews: Murder in the Bougainvillea

MITB 15 review

Recently my short novella, Murder in the Bougainvillea, reached the milestone of not just going into double figures, but reaching 15 reviews.

This is on the US Amazon site and I'm very happy that readers like the book with 67% giving it five stars, and 33% giving four stars.

My two non fiction books have been taking up time recently, but now they are both published I'm back to writing the second book in this series, which will be Murder in the Lotus Flower.

I'm nearly through with the first draft, so it should be out before Autumn this year.

Newspaper feature: Drawn to the Ocean

Herald drawn

Hot on the heels of my book being featured in a regional magazine, it's also gone online at a local city paper.

The Herald covers Plymouth and the surrounding area, in the south west of England. The website has hits from all over the world, though mainly the UK.

I'm so pleased with this article and hope there will be many more to come.

Click here to read the full story.


Drawn to the Ocean:

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Magazine feature: Drawn to the Ocean

West drawn

I was excited and happy to see my new colouring book, Drawn to the Ocean, featured in a regional magazine at the weekend.

West magazine is free within the Western Morning News newspaper every Saturday, which covers the south west of England.

Hopefully this is the start of many features - maybe a national magazine next!


Drawn to the Ocean:

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Click here for a quick page flip through on youtube.